Microsoft store Games are not Mod Friendly

8 May

Microsoft Store is Microsoft version of Steam, Origin. Microsoft Store is another Online Service that does not have all the games you want. I will add that to my collection of Desktop Marketplaces. I do know Halo Wars 2 is only on Microsoft Windows, other video games. As well you can pre-order State of Decay 2 for Windows 10 under Microsoft Store. So I want Halo Wars 2. When I was searching for Halo Wars 2 Mods.

I found out this info is the Microsoft store. When you download games from the abomination it doesn’t download the files on your PC, the files needed for modding. You can still mod the game if you can find the apps XML files and change things, AKA begins to mod. The easier thing would be if one uses a third-party program that lets you download the game files on your PC.

I thought this a Rumor. So I download Roblox Microsoft Store and the files are not on my computer. Now I can understand the ideas not having the Flies on Console but we are talking about the PC. PC is well known for Mod Support. When Video Game Creators and Companies love people Modding their video games, as well don’t become or are a backstabber. I have full respect for them. So why in the world does Microsoft Store treat you like you are going Steal their software, Piracy, and Bootleg their video games, other things like that.

It’s not like Modding is like Piracy, Bootleg. It’s in-fact good for Gamers and Video Game Industry. There are mods that were created into games. Sometimes Modders were hired into a Video Game Company. Modding bring more Reply Valve to a Video Game with New Adventures, New Content for everyone. Microsoft Store over PC Games. It’s almost like playing on Console no mods for you. Play the game unit you finish and never touch again. Thinking the ideas once I download Games from Microsoft Store I can’t mod them Makes me have this Face:


This why I use Steam, GOG, Origin because treat me as PC Gamer, not Console Gamer when in-fact I’m using PC. I would love to see Microsoft Store have the ideas of Including Game Flies download on to your Computer. Maybe it’s because uses Spaces on Computer and somewhat live-stream it like PlayStation Now is better ideas. Who the heck knows. The only thing I know Microsoft in-fact hates Modding and wish could be banned with this idea for there store. Taste of the Anit-Modding is Crysis 2 from Origin version. I will never understand why video game companies and video game creators that hate Modding and Modders. Maybe just hate Fun show it in a number of ways.





Someone comments about DRM

21 Apr

DRM: they’re especially prone to duplication and piracy. I found a comment about DRM from someone on Steam: DRM is just a scam on big publishers to spend money on ineffective, short-term protection, which only hurts the consumers who buy products riddled with it, this can only be a good thing.

There’s no good defense of the short-sighted practice, and all these games, one way or another, will end up DRM-free anyway. So better to make money off of it instead of spending money protecting it from consumers while actual pirates crack it and enjoy it free of DRM, regardless.

Here are my thoughts on those comments over DRM: This person earns my respect. DRM ruins the video game industry. It’s very ironic I love when people remove DRM from a video game or video game company does not put DRM into there Video Game. DRM is almost like the same ideas of Blocking Steam Workshop Mods, Mods from the Free version. Just because are Mods, Steam Workshop that gives out all the Content that is behind the Paywall. Better ideas to allow the Mods, Steam Workshop and block the ones give you all the content that classified as Pay content. Call to Arms, other video games are Guilty of that. Team Fortress 2 free to play but does not have the ideas You have pay just use mods or put mods into the game.

The Suffering 1 also called Prison in Hell. Midway released a Free-version of the game. The only side-thing that has DRM. The services are no more. That means the video game is useless. You can download or re-purchase the video game without the DRM version of it. I said the best ideas to combat against Piracy. Focusing on No DRM, Discounts, Free weekend, Free for short amount of time, Free DLC’s.

People are hosting Piracy Copies and Crack, and Torrent versions as your rival. Found ways beat their own game. If you treat your customers well and would want sequels, prequels, want to purchase your content. If you treat them like Mr. Krab well People Piracy your games what you deserve.

Nexus-Mods Puts People in Time-out for hiding the old file

19 Apr

Fallout New Vegas Mod Project Brazil/New California is a mod it looks more like a video game Obsident Entertainment. I have observed that Nexus-Mods version of this Mod is Why in the world is Nexus Mods version of this Mod in hidden mode? Because Nexus put us in time out for hiding the old file.

This was a response toward me after asking a Question about the Nexus-mods version of this Fallout New Vegas Mod.

Here were my thoughts:

Really Dude

Nexus-mods I thought you were all about Supporting Video Game Mods and Video Game Mod Authors. Sometimes I think Nexus-mods are in-fact Haters of Mods and don’t have the common sense to tell the truth. You put Mod Authors in time-out for Hiding there mods. I hate the ideas when people make there mod or mods hidden but putting in Time-out is very unfair.






Twitch Mutes The Sims 3 Create a Sims Music

10 Apr

Twitch is Ok with Gameplay of the Sims 3 having Music. But The Sims 3 Create a Sim. It mutes the music because of a Song by Steve Jablonsky. Very ironically I can listen to the same song on YouTube without any problems. Can’t just make money off live-streams or videos. Rather be a Jerk.

I hate When Digital distribution platform Delete and Disable Games

10 Apr

I love using Steam, Origin, GOG, as well other Digital Distribution. But there is something that really Grinds My Gears. When Digital Distribution Delete and Disable Games. I hate hearing and seeing a video game on Steam I want it and then observing I can’t purchase it. Steam loves the ideas keeping all the info about the video game on Steam but never delete the About and Info page off the website, other pages. Other websites are Guilty of this ideas. You have two Options:

1) Purchase or found a Code for The Game

2) Piracy the Game

If Origin, GOG, Steam, other Digital Distribution did not want my Bussiness you are doing a Great Job of doing it. There is Number of reasons why delete the game or games but the bottom-line. There are people who just want purchase video games full price or with a discount. I thought Companies want to make money not just scare away their customers with unfairness.

Websites Censord and Delete Fiction content

4 Apr

I have been thinking about this topic a number of times. It always comes to my mind when I see/hear about the website force their rules and laws over Fiction content. I’m always thinking to myself that is unfair. Not actually real life stuff. It’s the same argument over Violence Video Games. It does not matter if it’s Fiction or not still against the law. It includes any type of websites. I have talked about the rules and laws of Google+, YouTube, Facebook, other websites.

The websites that feel like understand Fiction is not the same as real life is Pixiv,, Twitter. Artwork Websites and other types of websites on the internet I have observed that can be welcoming Fiction Content and soon or later Snap become a Jerk about what fiction content that posts on the website.

For example, a website called furaffinity I used to love it but soon changes there rules and laws not for the best. That website is now dead to me. There are other websites like that. Speaking of being unfair to Fiction. Someone on Blogger observed that his Google account was closed for some-time. When he got into his account one or two of his images of Fiction was gone. I don’t know why Google felt the need do that. But the worst thing is that Google never told him at all.

I do know there are websites that need follow the Rules and Laws in there Country but the irony thing that Fiction-content classified as well. Law Enforcement and Government surely fighting the biggest threat to all mankind Fiction. And there are groups over banned, censoring Fiction content. The biggest example: Violence Video Games make Violence-People. social justice Warriors and other categories of groups focus on Video Games, other like that. I always tell my mind when Fiction content shut down my brain and enjoy it.


Steam Workshop Comments

2 Apr

I love using Steam Workshop time to time it’s awesome. But there are people who are Jerks, A-holes, Heartless, Mean, Critical People, etc. its people who like the ideas treating people nothing like themselves would like. Having comments on something is hit or miss judging by the people who are commenting. Friendly and Kind, Nice or having the people don’t deserve an account on that website over there comments and actions.

I don’t know if anyone has deleted there Steam Workshop because of A-holes, Jerks, Heartless, Mean, Critical People, etc. I do know someone on Game-Banna that deleted there mod and their reason was the following: People were being douchebags. Were no respect and proper Criticism. I really hate when people force someone or group of people not carry-on working on there Steam Workshop. That goes for Mods, Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, etc. Same ideas Go for deleting it, the website removing it, other categories like that. Mainly the ideas people would rather be A-hole about something. At the same-time discard feelings for others. At the end of the day, it makes the website unwelcome toward others.

I did bring up those comments in videos: There was a comment on This comment from Nexus Mods on someone Mod: It’s funny when he deletes comments.

Here is my reaction: It’s not funny because when you are content creators you have a deal with people you don’t want and want on your content. The parents of this person did not install and get respect for other people.

If you treated with respect would listen to you. It’s the same ideas with anything. Treat others with respect people love you for that ideas. Think before you post are words to go by Videos, Writing, Comments, etc. Sometimes think about the pros and cons. You realize you were going to be Jerk at the end of the day.

Steam Comments

2 Apr

This a sequel to the post called Steam Workshop Comments. Just like Steam Workshop. Steam Itself has own fair-share of Jerks, A-holes, Heartless, Mean, Critical People. The People that are douche-bags and no respect. Makes the website unwelcome-place for people. Respect and treating others in a respectful way goes a long way. YouTube has always had this problem of allowing people disrespectful people on the website, freely do whatever want. YouTube has got better at making the website enjoyable, safe place for everyone. I have observed less Hate Speech on the website on my channel, and other people channels on the website. Steam time to time can have Toxic Community in the comments, content, other things.

I love using Steam but time to time it makes me annoyed what type of people I have a deal with to enjoy it. I would love to see Steam be like YouTube and crackdown on the stuff that makes the website and service not enjoyable for people. On Steam I do my part by going by the saying Treat others the way you want to be treated. Some people need to follow on Steam.

Steam has Rules and Laws circle around this topic. Being relevant, constructive, and being polite is the right way of thinking. But I don’t know much Steam Really cares about the website. The reason YouTube trying to care more about the website because of advertisers were pulling out. I don’t know how many times I have seen people breaking the rules and laws of Steam. Never getting banned and don’t how many times Steam follows up with the report and does there job on making the website safe for decent people. I just block the person. Once I see this line of Steam Rules and Guidelines:

Repeated offenders of the above rules and guidelines will be banned from the Steam Community. It’s very ironic because I don’t see a lot of banned-accounts on Steam. Ever that the person is well known for breaking the rules and laws. Can keep on breaking the rules and laws. Steam runs there a website like Half-Life 3 takes forever to do the right thing.








The Trouble with Mods and Fan-made Stuff

2 Apr

Mods/Fan-made Stuff have some in common. Are affected by Copyright Rules and Laws in a Negative way. I was inspired to make this after hearing News Fallout 4 Mod called Capital Wasteland is no more due to Copyright Issues. It’s annoying to think companies hate the ideas people making Mods and Fan-made Stuff.

I don’t think it’s stealing, Piracy, Copyright Infringement It’s part of showing off you are a fan of something. Treating your fans in good ways makes them want to support you rather than not. It sucks that Copyright Issues ruin everything. Sometimes the Mod or Fan-made content is better than the Creators ever made. R.I.P. Fallout 4 Capital Wasteland. You are in Fan-made Content Graveyard with other things.

Piracy hurts the Video Game, Movie, TV, Music Industry at the same-time Mods, Steam Workshop, Fan-made Stuff does not hurt anyone in any sharp or form. Nintendo is a company I used to love but due to the ideas attacking Fan-made Content, Emulators and Emulator Roms of there video game, everything not created by them makes me think What Happened Nintendo you used to be Cool and Awesome now you fighting battles with your own fans.

Another idea try to make a Profit over Mods, for example, Bethesda with Creation Club. Don’t call it Pay Mods. Call something also then that. Bethesda, other companies have something in common can be two-faced, back-stabbers, Haters of Mods, everything related to fan-made projects.

Nexus-Mods disable a Fallout 3 Mod called MK48 Machine Gun

30 Mar

I found a Weapon called Mk48 Machine Gun for Fallout 3 on Nexus-mods. But I found out Nexus-mods has disabled the download link and the reason why is He or she has Multiple accounts. It’s a violence of the terms of service and warrants. Nexus-mods think the best way is to disable every mod this person made and post on the website just because has more than one account. Here is my reaction:

tenor (1)

It’s the same problem with Steam, other websites I don’t care if someone or group of people broke the rules and laws I just want see their content, download it, comment about it, etc. Why in the world do you feel the need to be an unfair jerk about it? Here is someone response toward the Staff member who gives out the reason why he or she banned, and his mods are disabled including MK48 Machine Gun Mod for Fallout 3.

Multiple accounts… What’s he going to do kudos himself? I mean what’s the harm in having 2 accounts if you cant post anything after getting in trouble once what’s the point of coming back to this website. You guys and gals don’t realize most people here have been banned once or twice. why don’t you and the admins of this great Nexus give us the old 1, 2, 3 and you’re out.

Btw, I know the rules but there pretty asinine, like how you can not cruse what’s wrong with that. You guys clam maturity but yet you have abusive mod reports almost every day, and yes I have seen mods just straight up cruse at someone For cursing (Even when two wrongs don’t make a right he does it anyway) and bans him directly after. WHY A SITE LIKE THIS SHOULD BE RAN FROM A MUCH (LAX PERSPECTIVE). THAT WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GET BANNED ITS BECAUSE STRICT PEOPLE ARE RUNNING A GOOD SITE…

P.S. Change some of the rules, Like for one no “Nazism” or “Racism” and let’s get rid of the needless rules like no more than one account. Maybe do something that actually helps the community.

instead of making it harder for new talent make it easy for them and help them. reminders are not that bad, just as I said give them 3 chances to right there wrongs and you might actually make it to “Fallout 4” and not be outdone by a competing site.

I fully agree with this Person. Nexus-mods love saying supporting modding for All PC Games but at the same time making it harder for new talent make it easy for them and help them. I have done my part and was brute honest on Trust pilot about Nexus-mods and how it does not support modding. Nexus-Mods does not help Modding Community it in-fact ruins the Community. Just like EA ruins the video game Industry and Dailymotion ruins Video Sharing websites. I have heard many good things about Steam over Modding.

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