Hit Steam PC Game that Nobody is Playing at all

14 Jan

Hit 1970's .jpg

HIT is a free, multiplayer, deception-based shooter. Betray your friends and sniff out the Rogue Agent. Hit revolves around deception and espionage. Set in a sleek, 70s-style super-mansion and glazed with a decadent layer of treacherous whimsy, HIT is short, stylish, deceptive, and uproarious fun.

Sounds like a great video game right?. There is one major problem nobody play the video game anymore. Every-time I go back to this video game. Try to found game nobody is playing it. As well there is no bot support. So why in the world is Steam Keeping this Video Game up in there Store over the ideas the game is die. Sure the game only exists if you have friend or friends to join it. That really does not save the game by my ideas of deleting or the ideas making more friend friendly.

Here is a link to the Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/336670/HIT/


Steam does not help with Problems with Steam Workshop

9 Jan

Steam has there own version of Mods called Steam Workshop. It’s a fun time for everyone. After downloading or Purchase the game or any other way. Steam gives you the tools to make content for video-games sounds like a great thing. But too good to be true. Something I don’t like about to access it you need to spend $5 dollars on Steam. Annoying but it’s easy to spend $5 dollars. Are ways making money on Steam? Trading Cards are your friends. Memory Space is annoying as heck, content not working on Steam. Video Game Companies can block Steam Workshop content if you don’t purchase the game. Call to Arms is the best example of that. Rather than blocking the ones give you all the content without buying the video game. Call to Arms Team thought the ideas screw you purchase are game. Then you can use Mods, Steam Workshop. Piss me off to this day. People would think it’s understandable but other Video Games handle much better without being Unfair.

There are other things but the most annoying thing is that Steam does not help anyone with Problems with Steam Workshop content.

I had a Scenarios with a number of Free Games not working. I email the Steam Team about it. There Reply was the following: We don’t help with Steam Workshop Problems. Talk with The Community for help. Here was my reaction to it:


I don’t know why Bethesda, Valve, other companies are OK with Mods. But if you want there help. Just said in the nicest-way. Hope works out for you. I don’t know why Bethesda, Valve, other Companies are OK with Mods. Said no about helping people with Problems. If you have something it should work for everyone. Steam I love you but sometimes you can be Unfair/Not helpful. It’s the fact you don’t get money over it. If that the ideas Steam/Bethesda, other companies. As someone who is Gamer and loves Mods. I don’t care if I get Pay or not for my services. I want help a fellow Person out. How Steam treats the ideas of wanting Help with Steam Workshop. I’m thinking the same ideas with Video Game Creators asking for help with there video game working. We can’t help you with that. It sucks for everyone. The Games Valve has created ironic work with almost no problems. But asking for there help with the thing. Feels like asking for some money to Purchase something. You have earned it the hard way without there helping.

I love the ideas of Support Video Games Creators

6 Jan

A picture how I felt about purchase video games these days:


Everything is overpriced as heck. The basic game has the less amount of content. Then make everything DLC’s, Expansion Packs, other things. I love the ideas of supporting Video Game Creators. I always go for the low price, during the sales or short-time free game or something like that. The good thing about Steam. If you play Games on Steam. You can get trading cards that you can sell to Community for Money. Sure takes time but it’s worth the time. I miss the days Video Game Creators were happy, smiling when you purchase their video game. Those days Video Game Companies after the purchase are like this:


For example, there is a video game on Steam that has over $1,000 dollars a bit of DLC’s. You know the famous line: Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings from Its Wonderful life. My version Every Time Video Game Companies puts Greedy in-front of Gamer. Piracy is revenge, is not that bad. During a live-stream of a video game, someone told me don’t agree with Piracy. You should wait to save money to Purchase. The problem with that Video Game Company maybe doubles the price of the video game. Piss me off almost like you are Cat trying to catch the mouse. Always Have to say this video game or video games are trying to help my Internet Fame Career. Free Video Games are best not because for Free. The video game creative team would rather want donations or no money at all. That ideas not everything needs be a paycheck for someone. Donations are better in opinion. I would rather want the world to be like this. The ideas to 0.25 cents to $15 dollars. Free to play Games has the ideas of Greedy People to People love the ideas you are spending time with the video game. If you purchase something are happy. If you don’t spend money are not happy but are still smiling because like the ideas you are playing the game anyway. I love video games but Video Game Creators switched the ideas of Making Games for Fun to the ideas. I’m hoping you don’t care about the Price at all. Less with Game of Year Edition or Purchase Game with Season Pass. You spend one rate of money that is alright.

My thoughts on Patreon

29 Dec

Patreon is a website where you can donate money toward content creators. The website can be a money wall time to time over the ideas seeing their content. Did find it you can enable the option to make your content viewable. Rather than having text, part of the picture and not the full-screen. I like/love the ideas having all of the content for free with the ideas donations if people like your content. Because sometimes part of a picture, words sometimes don’t do justice promoting the ideas becoming a fan or something like that. Patreon similar to YouTube Red in many ways. You pay someone money to see extra content from them. I don’t like YouTube Red.

I like the ideas showing off your skills completely and seeing if people want more of it. Rather hide behind a money wall. There is a reason some people maybe get piss-off over it. Free to Play Video Games is the best example showing off your skills completely and seeing if people want more of it.


I hate DRM in Full Games

23 Dec

DRM is about Digital rights management (DRM) is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media. The purpose of DRM is to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they’ve purchased.

Video Game Companies uses the software to combat Piracy. Rather then promotion the video game with Fair Prices, Free DLC, No Microactions, other-things in Full price Games. I have talk about it before but I want to go back to it because it’s annoying as heck. People love the ideas of playing video games with or without internet. This does not combat Piracy it almost like Promoting Piracy because smart people can found a way pass the DRM and Re-post the game on the internet. In-fact the Gamers re-post the game without the DRM are not Thefts. More like people who understand DRM is annoying as heck to deal with. When you purchase a video game you should treat your customers with respect, understanding. Sometimes I think video game companies that use DRM have become like this:

Over thinking everyone wants to copy their game, Re-post the game on the internet for everyone to download without their permission.

Bart Simpson


Top 10 Annoying type of people on YouTube

27 Nov

YouTube is a Great website for Money, Fame, respect, other things. But at the same-time YouTube has people who don’t deserve the website.

1) Automation Dislike: Those type of people don’t give a video or live-stream chance in any sharp or form. Click on it just to dislike it. Pretty sad to think people waste there time search up videos, live-streams just to dislike them. Annoying part the same person or group of people can return. Over the same video if you re-upload it or do the same thing over your other live-streams, videos. One time I got the same person dislikes 3 of my videos in a row. My reaction was this:


Rather than focus on your channel you are disliking videos, live-streams without watching them. Judging a book by its cover always pay off right?.

2) Haters: Real Life, On the Internet always people are Jealous of other people success. Post mean, hateful comments, dislike your videos/live-streams, etc’s. Makes me think you don’t want to be successful yourself because are focusing on others. Always content nobody has done yet.

3) People that abuse Tittle of there video: There are channels on YouTube that make there tittle like this: HUGE Silly String Easter Egg Hunt Paw Patrol Shopkins Bunny Surprise Eggs for Kids Kinder Playtime. This a way of booting the video in Relevance Category of the Search. It’s annoying to scrap a tittle or a video just because someone abusing the title for there video. Sure happens to any one video. Your video is not classified as Relevance with the words but those people don’t abuse the title.

4) People that disagree your Opinion: Just because you have Opinion that doesn’t like. Attack you over it with words, dislikes, other things. When I disagree make a response with something called respect. But those people need to learn the lesson. Nobody likes someone who is a Jerk.

5) Spammers: I can understand people by accident spamming emails. Because you don’t know if the person saw your email on the topic, live-stream to get attention because of so many people watching it, other good reasons. But some people post ads for companies, websites. I block, report, delete their comments. As side-note: I don’t think saying you don’t any Subscribers on YouTube.com is classified as Spam/Self Promotion. It’s the same logic sharing your own with a group. It’s low self-esteem, sharings on the topic. I found out by saying I don’t have any  Twitch Followers on Twitch in Text room on Twitch. Ending the text with a Sad face. Not as a Self Promotion but a sign of low self-esteem over using other people with views, followers that I don’t have. The machine classified as Self Promotion, delete my message. People scold me for it. Same ideas with scold someone has depression disorder. Really makes them happy about themselves.

6) Fake Reporters: Its people who report your videos, account, live-stream for unfair reasons just because of Jealous, wants to be Jerk, other reasons.

7) People Posing as other people: On YouTube, the copyright system has always an abusement thing. There are people who are or were posing as a company or YouTube User to removes videos, live-streams. The total goal brings more Hate toward the person or group of people or company. Sometimes it’s hard to know if the company or person is fake or not. Feels like should be an ad for a website. Want takedown a YouTube user don’t like. Posing as Viacom will help you. I told my dad who is retried company lawyer. He was shocked, disappear at YouTube for good reasons.

8) People don’t understand your videos, live-streams, comment, etc: You would think people would understand you if it’s in there language but that is not the case. Everyone can be clueless about things time to time. You, your brain can understand it. The worst type of people under this category people who insult, mean and hateful toward you. Because think you are mean, heartless, other things. When it’s in-fact them making up crap on the spot.

9) People that Judge your voice: Me using my voice sometimes I get comments with F word for a Gay person, I’m too young, other things like that. Better to get know people first then judge them.

10) Advertiser Friendly: It’s annoying to think you can’t make any money off your videos sometimes. It’s the ideas you need the money or want some extra spending money. The irony News companies are o.k. to have ads over Nintendo over Charles Manson death, other things like that. Once you do those things YouTube love saying: You can’t do that. Advertisers can be a good thing but can be unfair time to time. Famous YouTubers and not Famous YouTubers can relate with this.

Better Prices on Items Stop Piracy from Happening

25 Nov

Piracy: When someone or group of people download something off the Internet without paying for it. As well putting the item on the internet. Famous People, Companies, other people don’t like that. Piracy is a bad thing but at the same-time Promoting the item. For example, Let’s said someone uploads the video game called The Bard’s Tale for free on the internet. The Bard’s Tale is a 2004 video game is about The plot involves “a sardonic and opportunistic musician and adventurer, driven by carnal rather than noble pursuits.

You download the video game for free and loved the video game so much. You promotion the video game sure the company and retail store did not make a sale but the payment was in-fact promoting the video game to others. There are other-things things like that. I would rather like the ideas the company, famous people, other people making money off the content host on Piracy Bay, other websites. Rather than doing this toward website like Megaupload with illegal content:


As side note Nintendo, Viacom, other companies always have a vendetta against Internet people over Fan-made projects, Nonprofit, other things. I would love the ideas having great discounts on things all the time. You may be thinking Companies, other people are going hate the ideas because not making the most profit over there content. You know the reason why Piracy is acceptable over the fact we are not all made of money. When people see outrage prices on services, items, other-things want to save money by doing illegal things. It’s the same making a profit or not. As a YouTuber, I don’t care if I make money or not.

YouTubers not be as enjoyable if were not Rude to people?

21 Nov

In a video I recently watch someone ask would YouTubers not be as enjoyable if were not Rude to people. My answer toward the question: I don’t like when YouTubers are Rude and the reason because: Paints the Picture your parents should be shame over raise someone who a jerk toward other people. Enjoys the ideas over getting views, subs over it. As well the ideas does not give a good model to others. Someone who is mean, hateful, rude should not be awarded, if the YouTubers has deal with Companies, people it makes the company, people look bad.

People that discard feelings

18 Nov

In real life, on the internet are people who are Jerks, A-holes in any sharp or form. I classified them as heartless people. I report, block then, delete or hide their comments, etc. That saying Treat others how you want to be treated. It does come into play. If I’m going to Subscribe your channel on social media. Why in the world would I want to Sub to someone who is a Jerk? I can understand everyone can be Jerk time to time. But does not change the Fact you wish you could punch them in the face. This comes from someone is not violence in real life.

In a video I recently watch someone ask would YouTubers not be as enjoyable if were not Rude to people. My answer toward the question: I don’t like when YouTubers are Rude and the reason because Paints the Picture your parents should be shame over raise someone who a jerk toward other people. Enjoys the ideas over getting views, subs over it. As well the ideas do not give a good model to others. Someone who is mean, hateful, rude should not be awarded, if the YouTubers has a deal with Companies, people it makes the company, people look bad

I’m sick and Tried of U.S.A. Mass Shootings

16 Nov

Hearing about the Mass Shooting in U.S.A. Makes me have this Reaction:


I hate the ideas of Firearms used to kill people in real life. In Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Books. I’m ok with it. It can’t hurt or kill anyone. The ideas blaming video games, movies, TV shows. You know the irony I watch, play, read violence media. I have never hurt someone or kill anyone in my life. Why in the world should I hurt or kill anyone?. The ideas this Video Game teach this person or group of people to kill or hurt anyone. Here is my reaction to it:


Mental Health, other ideas-es like that. Video Games, another form of Media were never the Problem. I’m hoping U.S.A. government crackdown on this case of Firearms being used to hurt, kill people. Not as a form of self-defense. The people who case the Rampages make Gun Owners look like bad people who can kill or hurt anyone wants. I’m including every Shooter of the World. I’m hoping one those days Mass Shootings is only used in GTA 5 not real life for the thousand time. If time machines exist. I would grab the Firearms before the Mass Shooting. Destroy the weapons to save people lives. The shocking part after the Rampage happens. We hear news about the person or group of people having a history of violence, other likes like that. For example the Shooter in Northern California. Earlier this year was arrested and charged with stabbing, very unpredictable and unstable … has anger issues” and threatened the household with a gun. he was violent and unpredictable, firing off guns at all hours and threatening her with “all kinds of perverted things.”

The Gunman Sister has said: Her brother had struggled with mental illness throughout his life and at times had a violent temper, adding that he had “no business” owning firearms. Cops comment on the ideas: “The law is only for people who obey it”. Over the ideas, He was a clear violation of his court order over prohibited from owning firearms.

If I was a Cop or Judge I would have sent the Person to Asylum over the ideas being a Danger to others, including himself. If you know someone can’t obey the law deserve to be lock-up for reasons to stop more of the Madness. It’s crazier to think nobody thinks if you know or have someone has no sense for others, carry on breaking the law. Law Enforcement does not the best court of action.

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